Curtis W. Moran

312 Walworth-Penfield Rd. Macedon, NY 14502


Unix/Linux System Administration, Virtualization, Human-Computer Interaction, Web Development


PHP, Javascript, VueJS, C/C++, Java, English, Some German
Linux, FreeBSD, VMware ESXi, Git, Vim, Aptana, Visual Studio, Netbeans, AutoDesk, MS Windows


Web Developer - Elite Alliance
  • Implement a new and modern web-app utilizing the Laravel Framework on a LAMP stack in an Agile environment
  • Maintain legacy systems until migration completes
2017 - Present
Systems Analyst - Infogistics IT
  • Understood, maintained, and properly integrated systems to meet business requirements
  • Developed specialty web applications specific to each client's needs
  • Identified with and supported end users in a timely and friendly manner
2013 - 2017
Web Developer -
  • Implemented source control throughout the company and trained employees on the process
  • Developed PHP modules for the Joomla CMS to meet client's needs
  • Administered development servers
2012 - 2012
Web Developer and Company Co-founder -
  • Experienced the challenging process of founding a startup
  • Developed web application in NodeJS with MongoDB
2012 - 2013
Open Source - Community Member
  • Avid user of Free and Open Source Software
  • Filed several Bug Reports
  • Reported security hole in user-control over VNC while sessions are locked
  • Provided support services on online forums to others
2008 - Present
Minecraft Server Administration
  • Maintained linux server running a Minecraft Server instance or two
  • Automated several processes to help in maintaining uptime and reliability
  • Created a social and administrative website for the players on the Minecraft Server(s)
2011 - Present


Studied Computer Science at Roberts Wesleyan College


I love to play several musical instruments and have a home-studio where I record and play guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. I taught myself all the sound engineering skills necessary to fully utilize the correct hardware and mixing/mastering techniques.

References available upon request